7 Step Risk Assesment Approach

Author: Dave Zins, CHC


I use risk assessment for joint commission compliance in most of my projects, however, these steps can be used in any construction project to manage the risk better, whether we are the Construction Manager at Risk, General Contractor or Design Builder.


Step 1:  What is the issue?- Identify what the issue is.  Keep it simple and don’t combine issues.   Frame the question into a Yes/No answer.


Step 2:  Develop arguments that support the issue- Compile a list of reasons that support the issue.  Consider things that may impact not only workers, but the surrounding public.


Step 3:  Develop arguments that oppose the issue- This could be perceived concerns or situations that pose a risk and will impact a situation negatively.


Step 4:  Evaluate both arguments- The evaluation should be impartial and take all concerns of the parties that will be effected by your decision.


Step 5:  Reach your conclusion- You will need to decide to accept the risk, avoid the risk, or mitigate the risk.    It should then be submitted to your safety department to get their buy in.


Step 6:  Document- Written documentation and buy in shows that all parties are in agreement with the decision.


Step 7:  Monitor and reevaluate your decision-   As the project or issue moves forward it is imperative that constant evaluation of your decision to ensure that it is the best decision for mitigating issue.   Change procedure as/if required and document said changes.

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