Sensitivities in Healthcare construction including the Joint Commission Reviews

Author: Jeff Warndorf, CHC


The most important consideration in healthcare construction, and what places it apart from all other types of construction, is patient safety. The Joint Commission reviews many aspects of healthcare facilities, including construction, for patient safety compliance and accreditation. There are many reasons for healthcare facilities to achieve and sustain their accreditation including reimbursement from Medicare. To achieve the Commission’s accreditation related to construction, the design team must incorporate the commission’s many ‘national standards of care’ into the contract documents and the construction manager must understand these standards and ensure all contractors are building to these requirements. As such, healthcare facilities are sensitive in selecting design teams and construction managers, in part, to mitigate risks in effort to ensure the success of their Joint Commission’s accreditation.


In many cases, certifications are not required for individuals managing healthcare construction and renovation projects. However, they do have favorable results for healthcare facilities. A construction Project Manager whom has obtained their Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC) Certificate signifies that they are among the best in managing all aspects of healthcare construction, including the Joint Commission standards. Currently, in the state of Ohio, there are only 18 individuals whom hold this prestigious certification. Two of which are D.A.G. Construction employee’s, Mr. Dave Zins and myself.


To be eligible for the CHC certification, an individual must have at least five years of experience in healthcare construction. Once qualified, they are educated and tested on various broad levels of construction within the healthcare environment. Once certified, the CHC program requires renewal through continued education, personal and professional growth in healthcare construction and continued testing.


Here at D.A.G. Construction, our goal is to understand healthcare and patient safety and confidently build with the patient’s health on the forefront. After all, it could be our loved one receiving treatment in the very room we constructed or right next to our ongoing renovation project. The bottom line is that every patient deserves the best care and the right contractor.

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