Classrooms, Technology driven design and construction.

Author: Jeff Larkin


In the 21st Century, classrooms are getting more technology than ever before. It is apparent that technology is our present and our future.  It is the job of educational facilities to train students to utilize the latest technologies to thrive and lay the groundwork needed to be successful in their professional careers.


D.A.G. Construction plays a small role in building facilities to include integrated technology.  Some of the technologies we incorporate in our educational projects include classroom sound enhancement, interactive white boards, two way paging and intercom systems, computer labs, digitorium (digital auditorium), television/media studios and control rooms, and CAVE (a computer-assisted virtual environment).


As the Construction Manager on Cincinnati Public Schools, we have helped educators connect one on one with students and promote a positive learning environment.  The use of infrared wireless microphones help transmit the educator’s voice through classroom speakers evenly distributing the sound.  Interactive White Boards are being used with our higher education and university clients and our k-12 clients.  The boards offer better quality and allow for easier execution of the lesson plan.  Other interesting feature our team is involved in is the Media Distribution Systems.  These systems provide access for distance learning, virtual classrooms, and off campus presentations.

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