The importance of being certified by the EPA as a LEAD based renovation company

Beginning in April, 2010, renovation, repair and painting contractors were required to be certified and use lead safe work practices when working on homes or any child-occupied facility built before 1978.  In an effort to maintain as a leader in the construction industry, D.A.G. sent its managers to be trained in the new lead rules in May, 2010.


Following the successful completion of training, D.A.G. applied for recognition as an EPA Certified as a Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting contractor.  As a General Contractor and Construction management firm we are dedicated to ensure that we have personnel on staff who are trained and can recognize any issue that may arise on a renovation project of older buildings and be aware if we have a sub-contractor who is not following the proper regulations.


As a result of this training our personnel with verify that:


  1. The job is set up safely
  2. That we minimize the creation of dangerous lead dust, and
  3. That we leave the work area clean and safe for occupants after completing the work.
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